Where am I? Where am I? I′m driffting Floating spaces Water in bidimensional shapes flowing suspended in the top Where am I? Where am I? Google Workers deep down seated astosnish breathing information between psychotropic palmtrees Where am I? Where am I? Relax, Youre downloading Relax, You're uploading, Now you can fall asleep Where am I? Where am I? Mark Zuckenberg is now on Fiji Islands floating in swimming pools of data They're all together in high Clouds playing Where am I? Where am I? I disappear I don't exist anymore I'm an information reproducing device now Bye, I'm going away

Welcome to Google Islands Dubai Internet Sad Digital Natives I lost my island Where am I? Sad Digital Natives looping into Information Voids My island was taken Where am I? I remember seeing the natives migrating to the islands a long time ago They are escaping from their land They found here a long time ago a hope to create new lands, new landscapes a dream place that was taken away from them I remember that time on the Island Hyperlink travellings Into infinity, We get lost, In unknown places, without names Without face, We travel there into abstract portals, We fly away BREAK Sad Digital Natives Running Now (distant voice: when the space outside was taken, we tried to find new lands on Internet, But when the Internet space is also taken Where do we go? Wait! Now where am I? Suddenly i wake up, and the island changed shape It's heavy I'm falling asleep Dense clouds flying over Internet Guided Tourism Psychotropic Information I'm falling asleep again Google Workers in High Speed I'm falling asleep again I couldn't travel anymore It is called Google Islands now Where am I? I'm falling asleep again Where am I? I'm falling asleep again Where am I? Suddenly, i disappear in an information cloud And i never come back

Google Glasses Always Inside Notifications Alert Effiency Corporative integrated in your body Prototype Body Corporate Search My Body In Google Search My Profile Picture on Data Market Cloud Architecture Power Google Bank

Immerse I'm in the Capsule Again Breathing Information I get asleep one more time In Alert * Plim I back to the Island Enable Notification Push Updating Profile Picture I cannot rest

Internet Drugs Sad Digital Natives Running Hysterical Run on accelerationism Open the tab Run Again Speed up void Speed up void Speed up void Where am I? Where is the internet of my dreams? I want to get lost again I'm an google worker Run again Run again I forget the way for portals again Get lost Travelling Get lost Travelling

Wi-fi On I'm being a cloud of my own world Arrested by notifications Hiperative Workness Anxiety Again

Google Guardians Google Guardians You in the middle of their territory map They say, welcome to our paradise And you fall asleep between their psychotropic Palmtrees You fall asleep You fall asleep You fall asleep

The Death of Windows 95 Once upon a time, there was a girl surfing. On the rainbow web. Where pages have bubble textures. And the voyage is into the infinite. Voyage, dispersion voyage. Where exist the dream of voyage through the infinite, and not limited space. Where Internet was really the jungle, Internet Jungle. Not Google Apple Internet. Jungle Internet is dispersion, voyage. Google Apple Internet is hierarchy. The upgrade of hierarchy.